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NOTE: This type of equipment is important in detecting and locating signals, but it is rarely used outside of legitimate TSCM Firms because of its extreme cost and the knowledge and experience required to use it.

  • Spectrum Analyzer
    This device is critical for detecting and separating normal or illicit radio frequency (RF) signals. We use this device outside of the home, office, or vehicle prior to entering the location.Once inside, we re-map the inside to compare signals from both areas.Analyzer Sweeps: RF Spectrum, Audio, Video, Data, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and GSM
  • Near-Field RF Detector
    Once we study the information gathered by the spectrum analyzer, we then grid the room and conduct our near-field RF sweep to locate all signals within the room. Many devices that are transmitting a signal are then detected and examined. Most will be normal as we currently live with a full range of RF signals surrounding us on a daily basis from non-nefarious devices.
  • Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
    So, we get this question every once in a while, “What if the device is off or not transmitting a signal?” This, by the way, is a great question. Some devices can be turned off remotely, have a dead battery, etc. Now, this is where another piece of expensive equipment comes into play. The Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) will still detect it. This device detects and locates hidden audio, video cameras, microphones, and GPSs that are active or passive and/or not functioning.
  • Talon 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer
    The Talon is a telephone and line analyzer that has advanced capabilities to detect and locate illicit tampering and vulnerabilities on digital, analog, and VoIP telephone systems. This piece of equipment is reserved for large-scale offices which are concerned about wiretaps.

Additional equipment such as a search kit will also include;

  • A bore-scope
  • Thermal imaging device
  • Fluke electronic meter
  • Inspection mirrors
  • Multi-purpose screw/drills
  • Pry bars, and other tools

Various other forms of equipment are carried and or deployed for large-scale searches. Typically 2 to 6 individuals are included in a TSCM Inspection.