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Florida TSCM Service Areas

At TSD-Technical Services Division, our expertise in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) isn’t limited to just Tampa or the Bay Area. We’re proud to extend our professional services throughout the Sunshine State, ensuring privacy for clients in a variety of locations. Whether you’re in Miami’s vibrant cityscape, the historic streets of St. Augustine, the bustling hubs of Orlando and Jacksonville, orour fine capital Tallahassee, our team is ready to assist. With TSD, peace of mind is never far away. Our highly skilled professionals are just a call away, wherever you are in Florida. Let us help secure your privacy and protect against surveillance threats, no matter your city.


TSD using Non-Linear Junction Detector. (NLJD)

Useful Terms & Definitions

Below are terms for your review, we like to demystify what we do for clients but sometimes we forget terms and acronyms in our profession do not explain what we are talking about. 

  • Active: a device that will constantly monitor and/or record; audio, photos, video, or data and transmit them to a receiver and/or cloud-based server.
  • Agent of or Hostile Agent: This is a term to describe a person/employee that knowingly works for the eavesdropper. It does not matter if they where coerced into working for them or paid too.
  • Amplifier: a device used to increase the strength of the input signal.
  • Antenna: a device that radiates or receives RF energy.
  • Band: a range of frequencies between two definite limits.
  • Bandwidth: the width of a band of frequencies used for a particular purpose.
  • Bug(s): generally refers to a hidden listening/recording listening device that is made up of a microphone and may have a transmitter, a video, or a camera that is passive or actively transmitting the information.
  • Carrier Current: low-powered RF signals transmitted along electrical conductors.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum: the full range of wavelengths or frequencies that cover radio waves, UV, visible light to gamma rays.
  • HOIS: hostile intelligence service
  • In-Place Monitoring (IPM): is a system that can detect potential electronic threats within or outside of; offices, homes, or off-site venues.
  • Off-site Radio Frequency (RF) Monitoring: inspection of an area for radio frequencies given off by common surveillance devices.
  • Passive: a device that is not active nor consistently recording or sending information gathered. These kinds of devices store information for physical retrieval or are sent in an electronic (RF) burst to a receiver or cloud-based server.
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM): bug-sweep or electronic countermeasures intended to find and remove electronic surveillance or tracking devices.
  • Transmitter: a device that sends information (sound, video, or data) as a signal to a receiver.
  • Receiver: a device that receives information signals such as a; radio, television, phone, etc.
  • RF Spectrum: the region within the electromagnetic spectrum known as radio frequency