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Vehicle Bug Sweeps

At home and even at the office we can feel a certain sense of security with cameras but placing a GPS device can take less than 10 seconds.

The amateur will attach a device to the vehicle’s frame. Someone who has skill in planting GPS devices will take more time to make sure the device is difficult to locate. If they are not familiar with the make and model of the vehicle, they will make a visit to a new or used car lot that sells the type of vehicles that their target is driving. They will study the undercarriage of the vehicle. They will note where the openings are and what places will offer the best concealment. They also know that GPS devices do not like extreme heat. A cheaply manufactured GPS placed too close to the engine bay, mufflers and even away from those areas in Florida heat will provide bad readings or just stop functioning altogether.

The professional will place the device in a very inhospitable location for the average person to find. This is to stop their device from being found, even by accident during regular maintenance. They also understand the average person will spend money on a trendy transistor radio looking RF finder with blinking lights and then go around the vehicle looking for a transmission for RF signals. The problem is they set the device to only connect with the satellite every 10 minute or longer while in motion. Thus, it will not send a signal while parked.

If you suspect a GPS device has been placed on your vehicle use the diagram we have provided on this page. Check these areas for anything out of the ordinary. Don’t touch it! Photograph it in place with your phone and leave it alone. If you touch it, you may contaminate any forensic evidence on the device.

Once you have a picture of the device, you can transfer the photo to your computer for viewing on a larger screen to possibly read information about the device. Next go online and search for the device based on the information you found. Next with all the wire harnesses, airbags and panels in modern vehicles, you do not want to damage your vehicle or injury yourself by pulling on items you shouldn’t.

Final thought… whenever possible park the vehicle in the garage at home. If you do not have a garage, then park it in front of your home and keep a security camera on it. When away from the home always try to park the vehicle in sight of where you will be. In this day and age erring on the side of caution and implementing the practice of security awareness is something we can all do to protect ourselves and our families.

Vehicle Hiding Places. (click image to enlarge)

Notice if you find a suspicious device, do not touch it. It is evidence and you are in a crime scene. Secure the area and contact us immediately.